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Cathrine Dufour The Story

Produced by Northly

Every year Ekko film Magazine pays tribute to the best short films and the greatest talents. Our portrait of the ever-inspiring Cathrine Dufour is nominated for the shortlist award 2019. 


In close collaboration with Trolle Company we've produced a film with dressage rider Cathrine Dufour for the audience to form a personal connection with Trolle Company as a brand.

With this film Trolle Company uses storytelling as a powerfull and inspirational tool to breathe life into its brand. Providing the products with an identity by telling a great story Trolle Company engages with its audience on an emotional and memorable level.

Stay tuned with the hashtag #cathrinedufourthestory


With the 11 min. short film as the main content of the campaign we also produced a coherent and broad variety of smaller films and teasers for specific and effective use on different channels, platforms and devices. With this dynamic content waterfall Trolle Company was able to reach out to their diverse audience in an effective way.



With a variety of different content we created some smaller content for Trolle Company to be more effective on Social media platforms. Each film focuses on a specific theme or message in order to touch on different feelings and needs of the audience.​​

This was used in advertising on deferent social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Stories and Instagram TV.

Cathrine Dufour - The Story THE BEGINNING

Cathrine Dufour - The Story THE BEGINNING

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