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GplusE Main film
Afspil video


The GplusE project

Produced by Northly


GplusE is a five-year project which began in January 2014, executed by 15 research and industry partners from 6 EU countries together with the USA and China. GplusE is designed to optimise production efficiency, environmental footprint, health and welfare of dairy cows through a holistic approach that considers both state of-the-art genomic selection and management strategies. The people behind the GplusE needed a way to show and explain the project to the public and the ‘man on the street’. The challenge was to emphasize and describe the main outputs and visions of the project without having to dwell too much on the complexities and scientific side of the project. Thus they opted for a visual way to bring the project to life with a warm and creative storytelling film that could show and tell the story in a meaningful and entertaining way.

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