Producing the right content and using it effectively can make a growing and visibly strong business.

with the diversity of social platforms available, the need for 
flexibility and adaptation of your content is higher than ever. 

Approaching and producing your content as a waterfall of various different formats and  sizes means that you are better equipped for using it effectively. 

Essentially cascading content [the waterfall]  requires one main piece of content at the top  of the waterfall which will divide and flow  downwards into numerous pieces of smaller 

This requires taking a closer look at each platform and exploring where each section of your audience spends their time. 



We believe in using the power of storytelling  [as an effective communication tool] to build loyalty and trust...

We make visual storytelling and cinematically aesthetic films in all formats from 10-second spots to 15-minute short documentaries.

which emphasize the human side of global business. as well as small local brands.

We do this work because we believe in good stories.


when you can work with a great story, you can communicate with authenticity and care.

The different formats and contents of the content waterfall
can be used to effectively lead the audience to specific places and to do specific actions. 


We always advice our clients to take on their storytelling content with a broad approach and use the waterfall model.
In short it’s about getting your overall story strait - starting with the main film and then working your way down through the waves of content. This way you ensure that the output becomes relevant and effective on various channels and formats while always staying in line with the overall goals and purposes of your campaign. 



At the top of the waterfall you will almost always see a main film or hero film which kind of works as the lynchpin of the production and the driving force behind your storytelling content. 

As we're all getting tired of traditional advertising and consumers are becoming more sophisticated in general we usually advocate the idea of making an actual short film as your main content [So called long format storytelling] 



The main film will therefore often end up being the longest and most in depth part of your content waterfall and will fit perfectly for use on Youtube and your website.



Next step in the content waterfall strategy is to go for some focus content. As the next wave of content after the main film focus content is often shorter and more focused content which describes and emphasizes specific aspects of your campaign; from relevant themes to a certain case etc. Sometimes the focus content is a portrait of an important person for your company - a customer, a supplier or maybe one from your organization, and sometimes it’s a mix of all three or something very different. The focus content is often well suited for both your website as core storytelling but also for SoMe advertising. 



With 5 different teasers with a length of 40-60 seconds each we created some smaller content for VICA to be more effective on Social media platforms. Each teaser focuses on a specific theme or message in order to touch on different feelings and needs of the audience.​​

Dropping a bit further down the content waterfall we generally find the actual short content with lengths varying from 20-60 seconds. These short content formats are effective as teasers for your longer formats or even as TV commercials as they can tell and visualize a specific theme or message in a smart and entertaining way while still having enough capacity as a format to envisage inspiration and storytelling for your audiences. Short content is made for life on Social media platforms and therefore also perfect for advertising on for example Facebook and Instagram.




To be able to catch the audiences even further we usually create a pile of super short content with a length between 10-15 seconds. The super short content is -per say - short but also holds the ability to be very eye catching and effective for displaying the essence of your brand or a campaign in only a couple of seconds.

These super short films we often produce in all sorts of shapes to be able to fit all platforms - especially mobile formats such as Instagram Stories but also for web banners and display monitors. 




From the production material we’re always able to capture a large chunk of amazing still fotos that our clients can use for different purposes such as on websites, online articles and printed magazines.