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When the time comes to actually create content, most digital marketing agencies or business search for specific types of content creators (e.g., copywriters, bloggers, or producers).

Rarely will an agency or business seek a 

journalist. This is a huge miss. Well-trained and experienced journalists have a skill set that can add 10X the value to any content marketing campaign. These skills including the actual writing, strategy, and keeping everything organized.

Working together with Sanne Opstrup Wedel who was on board on our project IN THE LIGHT for Vica Danmark and PORTRAIT OF AND INVESTOR for Nordea Invest fuldendte vores produktioner som gik fra at være visuel storytelling til at skabe en større og bredere ramme om hele.. 


Working together with the lead production agency M2FILM, manly as project leading some of the most high-end commercial content in Denmark.  


We crew up with talented people in our growing network of filmmakers, travel through countries and all sorts of weather, bringing our hi-professionel gear. And then we shoot the whole stuff - which is usually done in 1-2 days


We meticulously shape the work into its final form using every tool at our disposal - from neat color grading and smooth transitioning to delicious visual effects and sound design - until we have the final product and some great visual content which you can't wait to show the world.

This part of the process usually takes about

2-4 weeks.

When the final piece is baked, we’ll make sure you have the best tools to get it in front of the world. We’ll support you with a simple strategy on how to use your new visual gold. We'll even send it to your parents because they always love seeing what you're up to. ​In general we always offer our customers to take advantage of the so called content waterfall strategy.  This means that when we're producing let's say a brand video for you -  you won't just get one video as the only 

product - actually we can create a broad variety of small, medium sized videos and other types of visual content on the basis of that main production.

In this way you will be able to cover many of your marketing channels with different visual formats - for example a 5 min short webdoc 

for your website, a 30-60 sek. trailer for Facebook/Instagram and a couple of short 10 sec. teasers for Instagram Stories


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